Gabriel Abrams

I'm passionate about education, computer science, physics, and leadership.

Here's a quick glance at some of my work. For more, get in touch with me.


Master of Engineering in Computer Science, 2016

Cornell University

GPA 3.99/4.0

Outstanding MEng Project Award 2016

Bachelors in Physics, Minors in Education and Computer Science, 2015

Cornell University

GPA 3.72/4.0

Dean's List, six semesters

National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Study Abroad, Madrid Spain

Projects & Experience

Driven by exciting and meaningful ways of intertwining my passions, I strive to find experiences that combine education, computer science, physics, and leadership to make an impact.

Robot Programming Interface for K-12 Students

Physics + CS + Education = Robotics Education

Our goal was to make advanced robotics accessible to K-12 students. After designing computer vision, kinematics, and AI components so our robot could see, move, and interact with objects on a table, I worked with a team to create an engaging drag-and-drop robot programming application. The result was a robotics summer program where students teamed up to create programs and complete challenges.

  Recipient of the Outstanding MEng Project Award 2016


Leadership + Education = Teaching

I love working with students and sincerely believe that "the best way to learn is to teach" – Frank Oppenheimer. Because I'm so passionate about education, I've spent much of my time teaching and working with students from middle school through college.

- Designed & taught course at University of Hawaii
- 6 semesters physics + award
- 7 semesters ballroom dance
- designed 2 after school programs
(exclude: tutoring)

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